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Let me get you "unstuck" with expertise and innovative time saving solutions!

Are you an online course creator or coach, spending WAY too much time trying to figure Kajabi out and feeling overwhelmed by the endless content creation process?



You're wasting so much time and feeling so frustrated?

 Are you an online course creator or coach, spending WAY too much time trying to figure Kajabi out?



Struggling to get content from ChatGPT you can actually use?

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If you've ever used ChatGPT and thought to yourself, this output sounds nothing like me and I really can't use it!

Believe me, you are not alone!

Your Brand Genius™ is the FIRST critical step to training ChatGPT on what makes YOU and your business unique so that you can create authentic, on-brand content literally on demand whenever you need it. 

The next class takes place on Monday 26th, Tues 27th and Weds 28th Feb at 11am ET

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What is NOT moving forward actually costing you?

  • Lost opportunities to connect with your dream clients. Not serving and not earning.
  • Time wasted on technical struggles, when there are way more important things to be doing!
  • Falling behind in the fast paced digital world and not using  smart technologies to your advantage
  • Emotional toll on your health from the constant frustration.
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Finding someone who can HELP you will mean...

  • Time focus on your strengths
  • Reduced more feeling overwhelmed
  • Accelerated growth...achieve your goals faster
  • Staying ahead...master the latest tools and strategies
  • Boosted Income...unlock your potential to earn
  • Sanity...your family will thank me!

The GOOD News... I LOVE Kajabi!

Where you love to be in front of your audience, I love to be in front of my computer checking every aspect of the back end of your website or creating beautiful sales pages and checkouts!

Hey my name is Gail and it's lovely to meet you! When I started my online journey as a course creator, I thought I wanted to be in front of my people, helping and serving them, but after 3 live launches I literally fell in love with Kajabi and realised that I could help so many other online entrepreneurs launch their dreams and so came my pivot... from frustrated course creator to enthusiastic Kajabi Specialist.

You know what else I've found? AI and specifically ChatGPT! This incredible tool has been a game-changer for my own business, and now I'm excited to be helping my clients' learn how this tool can save them loads of time and frustration. 

So here's the deal: You bring YOUR unique talents and YOUR program, and I'll bring MY Kajabi expertise and a touch of ChatGPT magic. Together, we'll make a fantastic team!"

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How we can work together

Whether you need a lot of help or just another set of eyes there are a number of different ways I can help you!


We are all at different points of our online journeys, some people are already making a great living while others are still working to a budget. Some people may be looking for complete website/sales page overhauls whilst others are only needing a second set of eyes to look over what they have already implemented. The one thing we all have in common is that we have a desire to get our programs out into the world to start helping people. That's where I come in, offering my Kajabi expertise and also introducing you to innovative tools like ChatGPT that can make a significant difference in your productivity and outcomes. so whether it is your first or your tenth launch, let me help you move forward!




Meg Burrage, Kajabi Coach and Certified Story Brand Guide

You will not find a better Kajabi Specialist for your business than Gail Starr. She can turn her hand at anything from website audits to page builds to product creation and is excellent with both technical training and strategy. Anyone I have ever referred to Gail has fallen in love with her, so if you’re considering working with her, book her in early before there’s no room in her calendar!!

- Meg Burrage Kajabi Coach & Certified Story Brand Guide


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