$397.00 USD

I understand that this is a 60min call to get unstuck. If any further work needs to be done I understand that this will be considered either an additional unstuck me call or a quotation will be given for any additional work that needs to be done that cannot be fitted into a 60min call. 

90 min Strategy Session

Are you getting stuck and frustrated because you want to move forward, get your website/landing page or product live...but there is something or a few things you just cannot work out? Don't waste any more time! Book a call with me and I will get you moving forward again fast! 

What you'll get:

  • 60mins of my undivided attention.
  • Learn with me as I show you so you won't get stuck the next time!

[If I can't help you immediately in our session, I will find the answer to your problem.