ChatGPT Mini Workshop -18 May 10am EST

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This mini-workshop includes:

  • 60-minute ChatGPT mini workshop
  • Learn to create effective prompts for content creation
  • Find your unique brand voice
  • Define your ideal client avatar
  • Engineer successful prompts for impactful content
  • Handout of prompts used in the workshop
  • Q&A session for expert guidance and support
  • Real-life examples of successful content created with ChatGPT
  • Boost productivity and elevate content creation game.
  • Replay is Available for those who cannot attend live.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee - no Questions Asked

What our clients are saying about the workshop:

Thank you so much for the workshop!! The amount of ready to use information really was mindblowing!! You aced that one! I loved that you showed how AI work in real time during training. You worked those screen changes very well. Tech wizard at work🤩!!!

Carita Autio

The Chat GPT webinar was extremely illuminating in how a “medium-tech” person like me can leverage ChatGPT for my client, and also for myself. You taught me so much about how to generate and refine prompts in order to get a good output from the AI. I have already used ChatGPT to suggest blog article titles and to outline articles in the “persona” of my client. The lead magnet is a very helpful reminder of what we saw in class, and will certainly aid me in getting the best outputs from ChatGPT - the word “accelerator” (which you used) is very appropriate!

Diane Goldstein

$37.00 USD

This agreement is made between 3Starrs and the participant of the ChatGPT Mini Workshop. By registering for the workshop, the participant agrees to the terms outlined in this service agreement.

  1. Workshop Content: The content provided in the ChatGPT Mini Workshop is based on the personal experience and expertise of the instructor. While every effort has been made to provide accurate and helpful information, 3Starrs makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the effectiveness of the workshop content for any specific individual or business.

  2. Confidentiality: Any information shared during the workshop, including but not limited to business strategies, personal experiences, or intellectual property, is considered confidential and should not be shared with any third party without the express written consent of 3starrs.

  3. Copyright: The workshop content, including all handouts and materials provided, is the intellectual property of 3starrs. Participants are not permitted to reproduce, distribute, or sell any workshop materials without the express written consent of 3starrs

  4. Disclaimer: The information provided in the ChatGPT Mini Workshop is intended for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or professional advice. Participants should always seek the advice of a qualified professional in these areas.

By registering for the ChatGPT Mini Workshop, the participant acknowledges that they have read and agree to the terms of this service agreement.


All your context primers and prompts in one easy place for just $7

What you'll get:

  • Prompt engineering [how to]
  • Identify brand tone, style, and voice
  • Create Ideal Client
  • Examples of ideal client archetype, expert persona. input verbs etc
  • Prompts for social media, blogging, emails, landing pages, vlogging etc

This customizable guide will give you more than 150 ideas for chatGPT prompts. As you improve add your own tested prompts to the document keeping everything in one place. 

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